How to identify aircraft name by just seeing a part of the aircraft?

You think you have problems identifying aircraft today, imagine what it must have been like during WWII especially in Europe. Citizens, often without much aircraft background acted as spotters trying to identify friendly and enemy aircraft so that antiaircraft batteries would target the enemy and not friendly aircraft.

Here are a couple of samples of the kinds of things that they used:

Imagine the responsibility in the heat of battle…


Okay..! I’ll state few aircraft’s.

Let’s start with BOEING. Generally basic visual to differentiate BOEING from AIRBUS is BOEING has pointed nose and AIRBUS has bulbous nose.



  1. B 737

Aircraft with pointed nose with low height.

2. B 747

This is simple, Aircraft with half double deck and four engines.

3. B 787

B 787 has very smart nose… hahaha… 🙂 with CHEVRON nozzle to the engine.

This is the V – shaped cuts called chevron nozzle which helps in reducing the engine noise.

This is the complete view of B 787

4. B 777

B 777 has long fuselage with sawed off APU

Sawed off APU.

5. B 757

This aircraft has drooping dolphin shaped nose and thin, swept back wings.

6. B 767

B 757 and B 767 are almost same. Only difference is The position of the nose wheel relative to the flight deck is much further forward on the 767 than on the 757. Also, the main landing gear is a long way back on the B 767.


1.A 318, A 319, A 320, A 321 are same and they differ only in size of fuselage.


A 318

A 319

A 320

A 321

A 340

This aircraft has single deck with large fuselage and 4 engines.

A 330

A 330 is also similar to A 340 but A330 differs in Tail height because A 330 has less tail height compared to A 340

A 350

The main thing to differentiate in this is aircraft winglets, it has winglets blended backwards.

finally, A 380 This aircraft also have large fuselage but with double deck and four engines. I think A 380 knows very well to all.

Hope this helps you a lot.

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  1. hey..we can differentiate civilian aircraft A318, A319, A320, A321 by total number of exit doors and emergency exits. Anyways I feel good to see my answer over here.

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